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                 - What are we doing?
                 - The Concept
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What are we doing?

ArtIT provides services to ALL businesses, irrespective of size.

Our goal - to optimize your business so that it runs like a well oiled machine and remains healthy and sustainable today, tomorrow and beyond.

What does this mean for you?

If your business is operating smoothly and looks good to do so next year as well, you  likely do not need our services. If not, we could get you there, and, in so doing, help you gain an edge above your competition.

Whether you are a one-man business or a sophisticated company, you get the same high quality service.

Where most companies like ours strives for their own bottom line, our aim is to be recognized and used for both our high quality services and cost-effective solutions.


The Concept

ArtIT puts IT to the next level of support and integrates your technology into your business needs effective, manageable and cost reducing.

Your Integrated Technology (IT), is part of your business and so are the people who serving them.

High educated people with understanding of your business needs should not be ignored when it comes to important decision or operational issues.

As a matter of fact in most companies IT people are the core people running your business with out knowing that they do run your business.

To figure out how important your Integrated Technologies is, imagine just one day of the loss of your network, applications, faxes, copiers, telephones or security.

How well would you do continuing your business?


Where am I?

IT people have become - or will become in the near future - as important as your current Financial Controller, or your Operations Manager. Therefore you should let them communicate with you and your management teams.

If you feel that you don’t know:

      -      where you are and what you have in-house
      -      how, with whom or where to optimize your process
             or organization
      -      how to start and setup your company
      -      to manage, train or hire IT stuff
      -      what you need to work more efficient en cost reducing

than you should think about contacting us for having an informal meeting. We could give you an idea about your futures success of your company.


An example

Think about the old day’s, where IT- Guys came over the floor of every department of your company. They knew everyone and and everything going on. These times had big advantages because these people had a very depth in-site of your business.

The dis-advantage of this was that there were no processes in place an the IT-Guys were really just technical.

Because of this the last 10 year this environment has changed. Working structural to become more effective was the ultimate goal. People with knowledge about Processes like ITIL, Prince, or Six-Sigma had to change the way IT worked.

As a result of this change, IT Specialists were separated into specialized groups of Server Managers, Application Managers, Change Managers, first-, second-, and third-line supporters.

It is now possible to hire people form every sector as required on a permanent and mostly on a temporary base, which makes it very cost attractive for companies.

But is this really cost efficient when you are looking at you business process. Are disturbances quickly solved? Do the “Specialist” really know anything outside their IT-Process?

The really big question here is:

“Am I giving really the best services to my costumers with cost effectives?”

Think about this:

You have a specialist from the old day’s, knowing everyone on the floor and knowing everything about your business and processes – a typical IT guy from the old days -, doing all your IT stuff in a perfectly structured way.


This guy knows everything about processes and how to work with them.

 On top of this:

This guy can also identify and translate the “needs from the floor” form technical terms to management language!

 The clue:

This guy also could give you the cost effectiveness of these needs in management figures!


Not really. The time has come for a next step in IT in terms of the needs in your day-to-day activities.

ArtIT can help you identifying your needs. In this way it is possible to quickly implement ideas and new features fast and efficient.


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